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The dull and boring face of monotonous white wall is well known to most of us. The agony of surviving the white wall tundra in our living space has been borne by most of us.
Just adding different colors, some shapes and designs on the walls add life to the living space, and it makes the house feel like a home to us. What else can bring this effect to our living space? Will buying some furniture, expensive sofas or a cool gadget have same effect on our surroundings, as does a great design and a soothing color? Any piece of equipment or furniture will have its effect (good or bad) on only a small area, but the impact of color and a good design on entire living space is nonpareil.


1. Faux painting with its eloquent styles and numerous techniques transforms the entire ambience. Faux Painting is the art of make-believe, both literally and figuratively. As the name suggests, the stuffs, decorations or decorative items created using faux painting are made to resemble something else, in most cases some natural material.

2. Faux finishes got an aesthetic edge, but it has practical benefits as well. Faux finishes has many benefits, which even a good wallpaper, paneling, or application of an elegant paint can’t match.

3. The major benefit of a faux painting is its versatility of use. Only prerequisite for application of faux finishes to different surfaces is, the surfaces should be plain and sealed. The techniques of preparing and priming the surface will differ from one kind of surface to another. Faux techniques can be used to decorate any surface, be it a dry wall, plastered wall, wallboard, metal, wood, glass, ceramic or even fabric.

4. Faux painting last longer than any wallpaper. Unlike wallpapers, faux painted walls have no seams, and it won’t ever peel off. The maintenance of faux painting is not very complicated. If some surface loses its charm, and if the surface fails to allure visitors, it can easily be restored to its past glory. Touch ups and repairs of faux painting is not very complicated for the professional contractors. Even the existing design of a wall can be changed by the application of a new top coat on the existing wall. For top coating, polyurethane in matte, satin, or semi-gloss finishes can be used.

5. Every home has some wall that just doesn’t look good, and one or more walls have holes, cracks and depressions at places. Use of Faux techniques can help the homeowner, in not only hiding such imperfections but also in making the place exciting to live.

The condition and the nature of the surface will determine which technique to adopt to give the surface its best makeover. If the wall is rough and old, the contractor might decide in favour of using the rag rolling technique, and a matt finish top coat will make any imperfection in the wall disappear.

Today, the architects have gone towards providing more open space in houses and moved away from erecting seprating walls. This, indeed, has many benefits, but the absence of no defining boundaries is creating some trouble for homeowners. They are not sure, which is which and what is what in their home. They are uncertain about where to begin and where to end. Use of a glaze can solve this problem, and some dramatic faux styles can be used to define the focal point wall in such places.
The effect of faux finishes on the perception of the size of a room is great. One faux finish can make your small room look bigger, whereas, application of another style will make the big room look small. Use of lighter color and soft techniques to create faux finish will make a confined place look roomy, whereas, application of dark colors and dramatic techniques will make a big and lonely room look cozy and friendly. Even the ceilings can be brought down or pushed upward by using different mix of color and faux techniques.

Many realtors and clients feels, using faux finish to decorate the house also helps in selling the house at a better price. To do this, just use a color that falls in the list of favorites of most of the people and people will keep on coming to see your realty, be it the house you live in or the building your company is located in.

To summate, let’s have a look on the benefits, faux finishes has to offer:
· It removes architectural dilemmas of too close or too much open spaces.
· It adds depth, dimension and texture to a flat surface.
· Faux finishes can also be used to correct color mistakes.
· It can help in enhancing special areas in the house: arched doorways, columns, trey ceilings etc.
· Fix the irregularities in walls, like leveling the depressions, patching the holes, etc.
Faux Painting vis-à-vis wallpaper
· Faux painting never peels off.
· Faux finished surfaces are washable.
· Creating a faux style matching existing décor is an easy to do job.
· It is very cost effective and custom build according to the taste of the buyer.
Use of faux techniques will add personality to your house. It’ll give your house, your personal touch.



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